Top Trends for 2017: Design


At long last, it seems as though people are ready to let their guards down when it comes to fashion and interior design.

For many years, the recession brought with it conservative purchases and a minimal aesthetic style. Now, in anticipation of a more robust economy, designers are becoming more appealing to the public’s desire to decorate, and this will continue to evolve as the general public starts consuming again. So exit minimalism and bring forth maximalism. While this may not happen overnight, this is what we are anticipating. Continue reading

Slow Cooker Italian Pork Roast with Vegetables

Red wine glass and bottle still life at restaurant.

Coming home from a busy work day to a meal that is ready in one pot is the best. This Slow Cooker Italian Pork Roast with Vegetables is a hearty cold weather dish. If you are just eating during a busy work week serve this right out of the crock pot, for an easy clean up. This meal will become a staple for your family, it is easy, delicious and the roast is fall apart tender. Continue reading

Top Trends of 2017: Construction


Black and white kitchen designTuxedo Kitchens: This trend can be implemented quite literally by finishing base cabinets in black and wall cabinets in white, or can be accomplished with other color combinations such as navy base cabinets and soft gray wall cabinets. Speaking of black and white, the classic black and white overall kitchen scheme will be even more popular than usual as this combination continues to trend. All white kitchens have also been trending for the last couple of years and seem to be coming to a crescendo now as we see more and more people asking for them. Continue reading

Top Trends of 2017: Colors


The top two paint brands that most painters here in Austin use have come out with pretty much more of the same for their color of the year choices. They seem to love gray and by gosh they are sticking to it. Don’t get me wrong. I love gray and other neutrals as well, but when it comes to something like the color of the year, I am ready to see something a little more exciting. Continue reading

New Year, New Space: An Artist’s Paradise


Sometimes I get the privilege of working with families on numerous houses and rooms as they move and grow. I was contacted by one such client, Susan, with the request to work on room #3 for her daughter, Rachel. The family wanted to move their son into Rachel’s previous room, which was larger, as Rachel would soon be moving off to college. They wanted to keep the space nice for her to call her own when returning from school for the holidays and summer breaks. Continue reading

Kitchen Gadget of the Month: Nambé Tilt Wine Decanter


We are continuing to celebrate 2017 by adding fun, new blog ideas. For every month of 2017 I will be featuring a new kitchen or wine gadget on the blog.The gadget I love this month is the Tilt Wine Decanter from Nambé.

nambe-decanterDecanting a wine can bring a younger wine to life and separate sediments out of older wine to keep it from becoming bitter. This Tilt Wine Decanter combines functionality and visual appeal to create a beautiful decanter we are sure you’ll love.

You can find this decanter for purchase from Nambé for $165, with the option to have it personalized, making it a great gift option!

Life is better with good food, good wine and great design,

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