Breaking Ground: Motorized Shades


Since home automation is on the rise and starting to become more and more commonplace, it’s even more important that you get an interior designer involved in your project during the architectural planning phase. This will allow you to hard wire for motorized shades during the planning phase rather than needing to use battery packs or even bust through walls to add wiring later. Think of it like installing a speaker system, and even if you don’t plan on purchasing them right away, you will be thankful when the time comes that the wiring is at least in place already. Continue reading

Breaking Ground: Lighting


Lighting was one of the most fun aspects of this project. The clients were eager to go a little bolder with their lighting choices, and we quickly discovered that they were drawn to fixtures that had some element of circle or sphere shape to them. We decided to run with this and picked various fixtures for around their home that would compliment each other nicely and really make a statement. Continue reading

Monthly Wine Pick: Tamarack Cellars Firehouse Red

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159I have not found a wine lately that has been worthy of posting on our blog until this past weekend when we tried Tamarack Cellars Firehouse Red. I love blended wines since it seems like you get a little of the best of the various grapes. The Firehouse Red blend is really unusual in that it has 10 different varieties of grapes, whereas most blends may use only two or three varieties.

This wine is at a favorable price point at under $20 a bottle. We had it with a mixed grill meal of pork chops, shrimp, corn and new potatoes cooked on my husband Darren’s Big Green Egg. It was a perfect pairing with the smoky rich flavor of everything coming off of the grill.

You can try this wine for yourself  and purchase it from Tamarack Cellars by clicking the link here.

Life is better with good food, good wine and great design.

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Breaking Ground: Plumbing & Hardware


While it seems like choosing something as simple as a hardware pull would be easy, that is far from the case. While not everything needs to match, it’s important that different hardware types and finishes work well together, as well as with plumbing fixtures as well as bath accessory pieces (like towel bars and toilet tissue holders) as these items are very often seen in close proximity to each other. Continue reading