New Year, New Space: Rustic Elegance

One of my clients wanted to update her guest rooms, and already had a couple of nice bed frames and one dresser that could be used as a good base. Other than that, she just gave me the instruction that she wanted a shabby chic style for one bedroom, and that I could do whatever I wanted with the other (I love clients that tell me that!).

In the second guest bedroom she previously had a faux painter use a metallic paint on the ceiling, and while as a rule faux painting on walls is a dated look, we are still seeing some metallics and so rather than paint over it, I chose to use it as inspiration. The bed frames that she already owned were perfect for the shabby chic room, and for what I had in mind for this room, but they were in the wrong rooms, so we flipped them at her delivery!

I started the space with a gorgeous luxury bedding set from Eastern Accents. I rarely use pre-assembled sets, but this one was just to die for and there was not one thing I would have changed about it. Most times I tend to mix-and-match various pieces to come up with the exact look that I am going for, and this also makes for a more custom appearance to the set. I love Eastern Accents, though, for both their quality and that their bedding sets are frequently discontinued. That may actually sound like a negative thing at first, but it means that in cases like this one where I do specify a complete bedding set I know that the chances of my client’s bedding showing up in another home nearby are next to none.

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The finished mood of the space came out warm with a rustic elegance to it that lends itself well to a more masculine taste, which gives a nice complement to the feminine shabby chic guest room down the hall. I love a lot of different things about this room, but the horn chair is for sure one of everyone’s favorite elements. This home is located in
Helotes, and coupled with my clients’ love for hunting, that chair was the perfect choice to finish out the space.

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New Year, New Space: Eclectic Mix

Years ago, back in the dark ages when the red and gold phase we previously discussed was in full swing, I had quite a bit of it in my home. As the trends changed, since I hadn’t gone with a more classic palette (like black and white) my house began to feel dated and I just couldn’t have that! I decided to begin creating a lighter and more open feel by adding in some brighter greens and more white. I replaced my window coverings in my breakfast and family and I put some of our fabulous upholstered furniture pieces into the family room. I also added a dramatic dark green paint that is almost black as an accent color in my living room. There is nothing quite like white and bold color to suddenly make a space feel fresh and new.

While writing this post I actually came across some Christmas photos that I had taken some years back, and you can get a peek into the starting point for this style transformation. I love that this is a great example of how you don’t have to start from scratch if you ever want to change up your style, and there are even easy ways of doing it in phases without making your home feel like there are two completely different styles competing with each other. Check out the transformation timeline!

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A few of the things I love the most about this open space is the large dramatic cornice board that draws your eyes out to our greenbelt. I previously had it red and was able to have it recovered rather than starting from scratch. I am a zebra freak and so needless to say, the zebra wall hanging in my living room is one of my favorite pieces of art ever and has stood the test of time with me through all of my style transformations (you can see him in quite a few of the photos above).

My breakfast table and chairs were feeling tired to me and just didn’t have that pop that I love, so I refinished them! Taking old, worn furniture and re-purposing it into something fun and current is a great way to add new life to something that otherwise might be thrown out. It has now become a conversation piece that I get comments on regularly.

I am a green person, and most likely will always have some form of green in my home. It is the color of nature (which I also love) and evokes peace. I am a fast paced-person and so when I get home in the evening I want to relax and be in an environment that makes me feel relaxed.

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New Year, New Space: Subtle Tropical

We love happy clients, and if you check out our reviews and testimonies you’ll see that our goal is 100% client satisfaction. We take what we do seriously and will continue to strive to do things as creative as possible while not sacrificing function, and we will continue to tweak and improve our systems to allow for as many raving fans as possible.

Marisa is one such raving fan. We are so blessed that she has been a client of ours for over seven years now and has hired us time and time again for numerous projects throughout her home. The latest (and my personal favorite) is her recently completed family room. This room is just off the backyard, and since they recently installed a pool, Marisa wanted this room to have a tropical flare to help tie into the greens and blues of the pool and landscape. I’d say we pulled it off successfully, what do you think?

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Marisa and her husband Bob are both busy entrepreneurs. Bob stepped out of the corporate world to create a ministry that educates Christians more on Judaism, which is the root of the Christian religion. They travel between here and Israel quite a bit for their ministry, and so when they are home they want to enjoy it and relax. We are honored to assist them with creating a special environment that encourages both relaxing and spending special time with friends and family. I was lucky to be able to sit down with her for a short while and chat with her about her experience with our firm. Check out the finished video below!


Thank you Bob and Marisa. We look forward to the next project!

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Top Trends of 2018: Kitchen & Bath


Modern kitchen with rustic ceilingTUXEDO CABINETS

Most of you already know that I am a huge black and white fan. The all white kitchen has been popular for several years now, but I am in love with this new spin of adding black cabinets. This is the tuxedo look that started last year where the wall cabinets are white and the base cabinets black. I am seeing more and more black cabinets pop up in both kitchens and bathrooms. Continue reading

Top Trends of 2018: Drapery

I am so glad to see double traversing drapery gaining in popularity again. There is nothing better for bedrooms. The sheer allows for filtered privacy light during the day and the blackout drapery gives you optimal sleep. In new construction, take the opportunity to hide the hardware if possible and motorize the drapery with your home automation system for added ease of operation. Continue reading

Top Trends of 2018: Interiors


Just a few of the interior trends coming on the scene in 2018 are large scale floral patterns, fringe and tribal motifs. Some of the continuing trends from the past several years include metallics, with gold (yes, gold… bet you never thought you’d see this one back again) as the most popular metal finish this year. We are still seeing a lot of reclaimed wood and macrame textures this year as well. Continue reading

Top Trends of 2018: Colors

Nothing dates a home more than color trends, but whether you realize it or not, you will likely be drawn to the latest trends. It is also next to impossible to find fabrics for colors that are not trending. What I have found is that if I use just one color that is trending and mix it with something more timeless, that space is going to have a longer life. People are always asking me when they are selecting a color palette, “Is this going to end up looking dated?” I always answer truthfully and the answer is most often “yes”. Continue reading

New Year’s in Austin

If you are looking to experience something a little more laid back and low-key this New Year’s Eve, why not consider visiting one of these lovely Hill Country towns. If you are like me, then your days of a rowdy, loud party with fireworks are a thing of the past. I tend to like to play it a little safe so that I am not out on the road at night, and I prefer to ring in the new year with special friends or family. Continue reading

Festive Bacon-Cheese Dip

Everything is better with bacon, and this festive dip is no exception! Serve it at any between Christmas and the new year (or any time of year, really; how can you go wrong with bacon?).

Printable Recipe Card: Festive Bacon-Cheese Dip

If you give this recipe a try, I would love to hear your thoughts! Comment below and let us know what other types of recipes you would like to read about on the blog.

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