Wine from Russ Donaldson

This month’s wine selection pairs perfectly with our Brunch Casserole as posted previously. Our wine connoisseur, Russ Donaldson over at My Wine Boy leaves some very detailed thoughts below…

“Malvasia grapes are used to produce white table wines, dessert wines and fortified wines. Most varieties of Malvasia are derived from Malvasia Bianca, which is characterized by its deep color, noted aromas and the presence of some residual sugar. Malvasia wines are known by their heavy body that is often described as “round” or “fat,” and a soft texture in the mouth. Enjoy now and over the next 4 years.

Our Joy Cellars 2013 San Bernabe Malvasia was produced in the vineyards of San Bernabe in Monterey County. This Malvasia has some intense fruit flavors like peach, mango, passion fruit, guava and Meyer lemon. There is a nice kick of acidity and citrus flavors in the attack. The body is pleasant, fluid and almost sweet, a total display of what this varietal can offer. The finish is off-dry, mineral with pineapple, lemon and orange aromas. As Malvasia ages, the wine tends to take on more nutty aromas.

Enjoy it with baked poultry, baked seafood, fish with white sauce and creamy pasta dishes. Cheeses such as Monterey, Cheddar or Swiss also pair well with this wine.  This barely sweet and fruity wine will also counterbalance the spiciness perfectly of the accompanying recipe for Brunch Casserole.”

Until next month’s wine selection, be sure to try this out and let us know what you think!


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