February is the month of awareness for the number one killing disease in women — heart disease. It kills more women than any other type of cancer. Robin recently had a friend suffer from a heart attack and that has brought this disease close to our hearts and helped us realize that it can happen to anyone. At Robin Bond Interiors, we are huge supporters of the GO RED cause. We believe in women empowerment and think that this is a great way to bring women together so that we can all support each other.

Robin and our Design Director, Renee attended the GO RED Austin Woman’s Magazine networking event for their February issue. I heard through the grapevine that they both had a wonderful time. It’s always such a great feeling to do something that gives back to an empowering cause and what better way to do this than to surround yourself with powerful women? The lovely Korey Howell did a Go Red for Women photo campaign (pictured above) in order to put her efforts in to bring awareness to heart disease in women. She was even kind enough to send us the digital spread! Robin was featured in this spread and she is so honored to be a part of this. Heart Disease in women is scary and most of the time there are no symptoms. But when there are symptoms, it includes:

Back pain, jaw pain, shortness of breath and nausea.

So ladies, be sure to not ignore any pain you have that feels completely foreign. There are doctors, nurses and friends who will be there to support you. There are programs such as GO RED that will support you. Do not be afraid to speak up!


The Robin Bond Interiors team truly believes in philanthropy and giving back to our community.  We supported the GO RED for Women campaign financially through Korey Howell’s initiative and further show our support by participating in today’s “wear red” day by rocking our strong red lips! How will you be showing your support?


With Thankfulness,


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