Romantic Lighting

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and everyone is calling every single restaurant in town to get a reservation for their special person on this day. That is completely stress-inducing. Home-cooking isn’t always as glamorous as it seems, but it is definitely less expensive, more personal and you don’t have to pay to valet park your car because you want to impress your significant other. Don’t worry, the Robin Bond Interiors ladies are here to help you turn a mediocre home-cooked meal into a romantic one! The type of lighting you use to present your meal is crucial in this situation, so here are some types of lighting that are perfect for Valentine’s Day Dinner.

1. Candles


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Candles are usually used to make the home smell great, but they are also excellent as a lighting option. A candle-lit dinner is the simplest way to make anything romantic. Dim the lights and light a candle in order to make dinner special.

2. Table Lighting Fixtures


Being romantic doesn’t always mean that you have to be traditional. Instead of using flowers as a table setting, a fun alternative is a light fixture! Pictured above is a beaded branch lighting model that makes a great centerpiece for the dinner table, and the red heart-shaped lights could be a perfect replacement for a bouquet of roses (okay, maybe not), but it will add a funky element to dinner, which is always what we like here. This center piece can be purchased through Robin Bond Interiors. Be sure to give us a call and we will be more than happy to provide all of the needed information.

3. Soft Light Bulbs


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What does “soft light bulbs” even mean, you ask? In the interior world, lighting is important because it changes the feel of any space. When thinking of a Valentine’s Day dinner, we seldom think about bright fluorescent lighting. Instead, we usually gravitate towards lighting that falls into the yellow color spectrum. Therefore, when buying light bulbs to present a home-cooked meal, be sure to check for the lighting temperature color. Light temperature is rated in degrees Kelvin, and the lower the temperature the more yellow the light, so look for temperatures that are between 2700K and 3000K. This information is typically stated right on the light bulb package. Simple and yet effective, soft lighting will guarantee a lovely dinner for your special one.

We all hope you have the best and most perfect Valentine’s Day.

With love,

Robin Bond Interiors Team

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