Austin-Inspired Patio Picks

The May rain and storms in Central Texas  have been unrelenting. While we are thankful for the downpour that has mostly restored our lakes and rivers that we love so much, we are also deeply saddened by the devastation the floods have caused local families and communities. Please visit 365thingsaustin for ways to help Central Texas Flood victims.

The new view after recent rains from one of Robin's favorite patio's - The Oasis @ Lake Travis.
The new view after recent rains from one of Robin’s favorite patios -via The Oasis @ Lake Travis.

We want to give Austinites something positive to look forward to this summer by shedding a little light on Austin’s patio dining culture. As soon as the sun’s out again, we’ll all flock to the nearest restaurant for a seat outside.

So, close your eyes and picture yourself at a table full of loved ones under the warm summer sun, margarita in hand, fresh guacamole on the table and your favorite song being covered by a live band in the background. Austin is known for it’s diverse restaurant culture. Although there are different design approaches to outdoor dining, a few key elements have become staples.

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Check out Robin Bond Interiors Austin-inspired patio picks below:Austin-Inspired Patio Picks

  1. String Lights- Use these festive lights to create an Austin ambiance in your outdoor space. We have access to commercial grade string lighting that is rated for year-round use.
  2. Fire Element- The fire element adds warmth and excites the senses. In Texas, some of the best conversations happen around the amber glow of a fire. Robin has three different fire features in her backyard and always tries to incorporate a fire element in each of her outdoor design plans.
  3. Shade- Austin is home to some wonderful indigenous shade trees. Our favorite is the sprawling live oak. When tree shading isn’t available or enough, use an alternative shade option, like awnings, shades and umbrellas. With Robin Bond Interiors, customization of these shade options is limitless.
  4. Consider the Pups- According to Forbes, “Southern hospitality doesn’t just apply to humans in the Lone Star state.” As a pet-friendly gesture, restaurants in Austin often provide a water bowl for your pet. We can find stylish ways to do the same on your patio!
  5. Outdoor Dining- Use these minimalistic dining chairs and table to get the look of a trendy Austin hot-spot. Wooden planks in a light gray finish pair nicely with an aluminum frame, creating the perfect setting for summer dinner parties.
  6. Relaxation- A less-rustic take on the metal letter word craze. We recently used this wooden “Relax” sign in an outdoor project. All of these elements combined will create a relaxing environment, but in case you forget – here’s your sign!
  7. Beverage Cart- Mix up some margaritas or mojitos and use this rolling beverage cart to pass them around your patio or pool area.

Robin Bond

We want to help you create your Austin-inspired patio paradise this summer. Email to or call us at 512-358-7200 to set-up your initial consultation with our talented interior and exterior designer, Robin Bond.

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