Asian Greens with Stir-Fried Lemongrass Beef – Gluten Free Recipe

We are thrilled that due to record rainfall, Lake Travis rose over 35 feet this May. Robin’s parents live on the lake and being out on the water is one of her family’s favorite ways to cool off and enjoy each other’s company in the summer. Now that the sun has finally reemerged over Austin, we know the sultry days of summer are right around the corner.

High temperatures and summer activities call for a nutritious, but light lunch like this gluten-free salad recipe. The Asian flavors are prominent and delicious, but not overwhelming or heavy like a lot of Asian dishes. It is the perfect salad to prepare on a busy summer afternoon and it won’t slow you down from getting back on the water. Check out the “Dine” section of our blog for past recipes, including other gluten-free options. For this recipe, Robin suggests Bragg’s Liquid Aminos as the gluten-free soy sauce substitute. We hope you enjoy this recipe and this summer!

Click for a Printable Recipe Card

Asian Greens and Stir-Fried Beef Salad - Gluten Free

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