Patio Praises: RBI Sake Review

Sushi & Sake NightFor this month’s “wine-down,” we decided to branch out and enjoy a night of sushi and sake. After all, sake is sometimes referred to as “rice wine” and it’s gluten free too! Upon recommendation, we tried Ty Ku’s Sake Silver.  We paired our sake with sushi and sipped it slowly on Robin’s patio while discussing our wonderful clients and project accomplishments in May.



Even though Ty Ku suggests drinking this sake chilled, we tried it both ways and ended in split decision. The chilled sake was smooth and subdued, with a bit of melon flavor. Half of us preferred it this way. Robin loved this junmai sake warm. She said it reminded her of a winter evening date with Darren at a Japanese steakhouse in Chicago, where the sake was served warm. Once gently heated, we all agreed it was a lot more aromatic and had just a little kick.

Whether it was the actual flavor or the sweet taste of nostalgia, I will always drink my sake warm. Smooth & simply delicious!


“Fresh & smooth with subtle pear notes, leaving softness on the palate. Enjoy this premium sake chilled like a white wine or in a delicious cocktail.

TY KU Sake has five times less acidity than wine and is made from only 4 all natural ingredients. TY KU Sake is completely Gluten-Free, Sulfite-Free, and Tannin-Free.”

Did you know that it is a misconception that sake should always be served hot? According to “The Right Temperature to Serve Sake: A Guide” by Harris Salat, sake should never be served “hot.” Instead, sake should be warmed to just above body temperature, between 98 and 110 degrees.

Comment below to let us know if you drink your sake chilled or warm. Thank you for wining with Robin Bond Interiors!

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