Wow Me Wednesday: Johnny Stevens’ Rust Rapture Collection

“When I attended my first ‘rat rod’ and custom car show in Austin, I was blown away by the spectacular beauty of the cars’ organic finishes. These cars are hot rods whose exterior finish have been subjected to harsh elements – rain, heat and occasionally an owner’s belt sander. The blend of old paint and rust produces a stunning patina which I capture through my photography to create a special collection of pieces called Rust Rapture.”  – Johnny Stevens

Robin and her best friend, owner of Austin’s Design with Consignment Lisa Gaynor, attended Austin photographer Johnny Stevens’ Rust Rapture Art Exhibit last Friday night. Johnny’s beautiful creations are displayed in the O2 Gallery + Project Space in the Flatbed Press building on East Martin Luther King Blvd in Austin. The gallery is open daily from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Johnny’s Rust Rapture exhibit is open until June 29th.


I love the story behind this collection, the vivid colors and uniqueness of each piece. Exposure to the elements takes its toll on everything and it’s not always pretty, but Johnny found an artistic way to capture and share something that got more stunning with time. I purchased the 1939 Dodge print pictured above to use in my home. This collection is versatile and will work well with a lot of different design styles. I look forward to incorporating some pieces into future designs!

Click to watch TWC’s “Photographer Takes a Shine to Rust” with Johnny Stevens

TWC Video

Support this local artist by visiting the Rust Rapture exhibit at Flatbed Press before June 29th. Prints, framed prints and canvases are available for purchase online.

Thank you for designing with Robin Bond Interiors for this community spotlight!

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