Trendy Tuesday: Hunter Green & Gold

I have to admit, hunter green and gold is a color combination that I never thought would resurface. This client knew from the start that she wanted a green and gold bedroom. Once I dug into the design, I really fell in love with it. We provided gold accessories in geometric shapes, mirrored shelving and a shag rug that all serve as subtle hints to 80’s design trends. The gold accessories are illuminated and well-defined on hunter green walls (Pinebrook by Kelly-Moore). Our client’s personal items, like her record player and mounted guitar add to the throwback style of this space. The finished look is a sophisticated teen’s room with a little bit of funk and a lot of glam!

Designing spaces you love to live in,


Throwback Style

Retro image via Vintage Goodness.                            See more photos of this room on Houzz

Robin’s favorite part of this design was the collage over our client’s bed. Art and photo collages add visual interest and are the perfect way to bring different types of wall decor together. It takes a keen eye for design to master this and collages often end up looking cluttered and random. Robin shares a few tips to help you get it right!

Wall Collage Tips

1 Space: There should only be a few inches between each piece in your collage. If the individual aspects are too far apart, they look displaced. The goal of a collage  is to take a collection of different types of decor (photos, mirrors, art, etc..) and strategically place them in a way that makes them one cohesive unit.

2  Balance: I like to use varied textures, shapes and sizes to create visual interest. Don’t focus on perfect symmetry. Take a step back to see if it looks balanced, if  something is “off,” you should spot it. If you struggle with this, give us a call!

3 Commonality: Every component of your collage should have a shared element. For this arrangement, varied gold tones can be found in each piece. Rosettes in champagne and rose gold play off the framed art. “Avenue with Flowering Chestnut Trees” by Van Gogh has gold and green hues, to bring it all together. If you are creating a photo collage, try using the same color or material frame for each photo, mat each photo the same or use the same filter like all black and white photos. If there is a common factor, the finished look will be connected.

Thank you for designing with Robin Bond Interiors. Comment below to let us know what you think about the reemergence of green and gold in interior design!

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