Monthly Musing: A Walk Down Memory Lane

Sign up to follow our blog and join us for our “From the Runway to Robin Bond Interiors” series this September and October. Each week we’re bringing you interior design articles and style pairings from local fashion and lifestyle store By George. You’ll see just how closely related fashion and interior design trends are!  As I chose trends for this series, I realized I’ve seen all of these trends before. It’s definitely true that history repeats itself and many of the trends that are resurfacing today were popular in the ’70s and ’80s. We’re excited to share a modern take on each of them with you on our blog, but today I’m taking you back…. way back.

Robin's 70's RoomBack to the ’70s… As an outspoken middle schooler and I thought I was hippest chick in the neighborhood with my quintessential teenage room. I can still picture my black and white bedroom, faux fur fuzzy white bedspread, black light posters covering every inch of wall space and of course a lava lamp that never stopped flowing. I had two black vinyl bean bag chairs in the corner where my friends and I would sit for hours listening to my prized KISS record collection. I just completed this throwback room for a sophisticated teen in Austin. It’s complete with a shag rug, hunter green walls and even a record player! I’m not predicting the return of the lava lamp, but we will talk about black and white graphic prints and faux fur accents.

80's RobinThen the ’80s… As a big-haired spandex wearing rocker chick, I remember a closet full of floral dresses complete with bulky shoulder pads. The bigger the better! Right? I lived in a few different places throughout the ’80s and continued to decorate my home with black and white contemporary furniture accented by pops of bold color. No matter where I moved to, my 100 gallon aquarium full of neon African cichlids came with me. After all, it was the focal point of each space. My friends and family probably got tired of moving that thing around, but every ’80s space needs a lively aquarium! We’ll highlight trends reminiscent of the ’80s in our upcoming series too. Winter Florals in October and scattered geometric styles in our upcoming newsletter September 1st. It’s not too late to sign up to get it!

90's CouchOh the ’90s… That’s my uncle Jimmy with his date sitting on a very Southwest-inspired sofa. Styles of the ’90s included choker necklaces, crop tops, overalls and denim jackets paired with Doc Martens. I definitely think it was toward the end of this decade when Southwest style was all the rage. While shopping for school clothes with my son Shelton this year, it was evident that the New Mexico/Southwest patterns are back in full force.

So, if you ever swore you would never go back to gold finishes in your home, then be prepared to break that promise. I have been seeing gold creep back in for a couple of years and now it’s coming on hot and heavy. Maybe you’re happy to see some of these trends return. Maybe you just looked around your home and what you once viewed as outdated now has potential. For our From the Runway to Robin Bond Interiors series this September and October we’ll share furniture, accessories and decor that could be used to bring these styles “back to life” in a modern way. So, stay in touch by signing up for our blog. We would love to read your comments and get feedback.

Were you there for these trends the first time around?

What do you think about them reemerging?

Love them… hate them?

Don’t forget to enjoy a glass of wine while you keep up with Robin Bond Interiors. We will include a few food and wine pairings along the way. After all, we truly believe life is better with good food, good wine and great design!

Designing spaces you love to live in,


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