Cobalt Accents: Round Rock’s New Jewelry Store – The Ring

Blue is generally known as the most well-liked of all colors and for invoking a natural calming feel. However, bold shades of blue, like cobalt, can be used to make a statement in an outfit, a room or in this case, Round Rock’s newest and most beautiful (if I do say so myself) jewelry store, The Ring!

When we joined on as the interior design firm for The Ring, owners Jinny and Shan already had the store image, brand and the colors blue and silver established. They wanted the space to have an overall high-end and luxurious feel.

Through our sister company Draped, we created two custom backdrops for the diamond consultation areas of this commercial space. The face fabric of the backdrops features an abstract diamond shape and was purposefully chosen to play on the subtle diamond theme of this glamorous jewelry store. The contrasting lining is where this week’s cobalt accent trend comes into play. The backdrops were installed on a custom curved rod to add dimension and a sense of privacy to the consult areas, and to reveal the cobalt accent detail of the reverse side. The same cobalt fabric was used to create custom accent pillows for both lounge seating areas. The consistent use of cobalt accents and subtle diamond hints throughout creates a cohesive design and allows clients to focus in on the unique jewelry selection The Ring has to offer!

Cobalt Accents at The Ring

What sets Draped apart from other drapery and custom upholstery companies is that full color renderings and highly detailed specifications are included as a part of every order. Check out the excerpts below to see the specification The Ring owners were shown before custom creation of these backdrops began.

Draped Specs

This Friday, we’ll bring you a cobalt accent fashion pairing from By George and show you more behind the design of The Ring!

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