From the Runway: Black + White Graphic Prints

From the Runway Graphic Prints

This statement staircase is easily the first thing you see when you walk into this newly designed event space, Madeline Manor, in Kyle, Texas. If you are looking to host an event of any kind in Kyle, we encourage you to call Madeline Manor at 512-214-8688 to schedule a private tour and see this boutique event space in person.

Wallpaper is making a major comeback with unique and funky prints and patterns like the black and white ogee motif that adorns this dramatic curved staircase. I have worked with Regina, the owner of Madeline Manor, a few times before designing spaces in her home. We both agreed that this event space should be warm and welcoming without actually feeling like a home. I encouraged Regina to make some bold choices, like adding the graphic print wallpaper to the curved staircase, painting the doors and molding black, and adding pops of color with a few victorian furniture pieces. This certainly isn’t the style of Regina’s home, but I love helping clients feel comfortable outside of their comfort zone. I asked her to trust me and once the space was complete, we were both happy she did!

I had some doubts and was often outside my comfort zone, but each time Robin would encouragingly say, “just trust me.” I’m thrilled to say I did. The space is even more magnificent than I could have ever imagined and each time a visitor mentions the blue room, the victorian sofa mixed with modern elements, or the black moldings, I smile to myself and I am so thankful that I followed her advice. – Regina P.

Visit the commercial section of our gallery to see more photos of this space. I love graphic prints in black and white because the stark contrast of the extreme opposite colors creates immediate drama. Even elaborate patterns are easier to take in when they are just in black and white. As I mentioned in my “Walk Down Memory Lane” article, I’ve decorated my home in black and white contemporary furniture with pops of color for a large majority of my life. I also love wearing black and white because when you want to add a pop of color to an outfit, any color looks good! If I encounter clients who say they do not want to stick to a color theme throughout their home, I sometimes suggest a design plan with mostly black and white furnishings as the base. This allows them to accentuate different colors from room to room, but the achromatic color scheme retains the cohesive factor.

We’re getting graphic with By George’s trend pairing today. The Ugi Print Dress by Isabel Marant is only available in store at By George’s North Lamar location. This stylish dress is 100% lightweight silk-twill with a cream floral print, high ruffled collar, long sleeves, button cuffs and slip on style.

Thank you for designing with Robin Bond Interiors,

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