Monthly Musing: What does “Home for the Holidays” mean to you?

Fall has always been my favorite time of year. By the time the leaves begin to change, I have had it with the dog days of summer. I’m ready for the smell of apple, spice and pumpkin to fill my home. The brisk weather ignites an excitement within me. I love spending time with family and hosting gatherings, so each year I eagerly anticipate the upcoming holiday season.
Property-photos-2014-02I am fortunate to have a mother who came from a family of five children and a father who came from a family of nine children. With such a huge family, there is never a shortage of love and laughter. Growing up, we spent most Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays with my maternal grandparents and all of my mom’s siblings. Thanksgiving celebrations consisted of at least 70 or more people at my Grandmother’s house. If you live in Central Texas, you may have even seen my Grandmother’s home where so many of my cherished memories were created. It is the green house across from the Dairy Queen on 290 in Dripping Springs.

Thanksgiving at my Grandmother’s was potluck style and anyone who had one, brought their “family famous” dish. My grandmother always made the turkey and dressing.  Each year my mom and I try to get our dressing to taste just like hers and we never get it quite right. I was close with my Grandmother and even had the privilege of helping her make her special dressing several times and I still can’t get it right. I guess it just took her special touch. I miss her often and even more around the holidays.

We also spent many Christmas Eve nights at my Grandmother’s and would wake up Christmas morning to all kinds of amazing gifts under the tree. My uncle Poe was so spirited and the best gift giver! I can remember one Christmas Eve he and my uncle Jimmy made noise on the roof to make us think it was Santa’s reindeer coming in for a landing. Looking back, they were probably just trying to get us to go to sleep, but it is a fond memory nonetheless. To this day, no Christmas surprise has topped the excitement I felt one Christmas morning when I woke up to an unwrapped Easy Bake Oven and a “Baby Tender Love Doll” on a tricycle.

I am fortunate to have such fond memories of being “home for the holidays” and I realize that a lot of people don’t associate this time of the year with happy memories. If that is how you are feeling this year, I encourage you to make a shift because it is never too late to create happy memories. I also encourage you to spend quality time with your friends and family; start new traditions, carry out old ones, jump in and learn to cook something new and cherish every moment you have together.

I wondered what holiday moments have had an impact on my son, so I asked him what “home for the holidays” means to him. He first mentioned the smell of holiday candles burning, then said he pictures Christmas decorations throughout the house, making cookies and watching our favorite movies from our Christmas collection as a family. He imagines our hot cocoa train set that stores everything from the cocoa to the marshmallows on our kitchen island and looks forward to all the good food we eat. He ended by saying what he loves most is simply spending time with family.

Each week this November and December we are helping you wine, dine and design your way to the ultimate holiday on our Wine|Dine|Design blog. Sign up to follow our weekly posts as we share recipes for the perfect holiday meal from the appetizers and pre-party punch to dessert and every delicious dish in between. We’re creating an amazing dining space using 3D Digital renderings. Each week we’ll add a crucial element of design to the space and with our 3D renderings you can watch the happy holiday atmosphere take shape.

We believe the holidays are better with good food, good wine and great design! Robin Bond Interiors wants to help you be the host with the most this year.

Designing spaces you love to live in,

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