Ultimate Holiday Meal: Pre-Party Sorghum Punch

Sorghum Pre-Party PunchRobin Bond Interiors wants to help you host the ultimate holiday dining experience this year. Each week we’ll share the next recipe from our ultimate holiday wine + dine collection. We’ll start with this pre-party punch, then appetizers, side dishes, main course and of course dessert!

As an ever-hospitable holiday host with the most, it is easy to find yourself spending all your time preparing drinks for your guests. We want you to be free to join in on all the fun, so we suggest serving this pre-party punch as part of your elegant self-serve cocktail bar.

Pour this spirited concoction into a beverage dispenser or large pitcher with glasses nearby. Add orange slices and cinnamon sticks in bowls for garnishing on the side. If possible, set-up the cocktail area in a different space than the appetizers. This encourages mingling and makes the most of your space. Buffet tables, beverage carts and cocktail tables make great surfaces for a self-serve cocktail bar.

Printable Recipe Card: Pre-Party Sorghum Punch
Pre-Party Tip

The Invitation: The design and feel of your invitation should reflect the tone of the party. Make sure it speaks to the atmosphere you want to create whether it’s a casual holiday gathering, a more formal cocktail party or anything in between.

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