Behind the Design: Custom Drapery and Table Runner

The neutral roller shades in this space will provide privacy, but are only semi-opaque, which means they will still let some light through. To achieve total blackout and add beauty to the space, I created these custom double traversing panels.

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Custom Drapery Panels

Double traversing drapery uses a system of two rods with one behind the other to allow for two sets of drapery panels to be operated independently. I chose clear acrylic rods with polished brass finials and contemporary rectangular rings to complement the treatment.

Custom Drapery and Table RunnerThe front traversing panel is an autumn-inspired large scale floral print that ties the space together and plays off the colors in the area rug. The back traversing panel is a beet colored silk fabric. The contrasting textures add interest and complete the look of this custom combination window treatment.

Traversing panels can either be operated manually with a pull cord, or set up for motorization. Either way, when done right double traversing draperies offer a variety of looks for a space and provide total blackout and privacy when desired.

Custom Table Runner

This custom fabric creation is made with a funky zig zag zebra pattern, lined with custom bronze cording and accented by scrolled tape trim with jewel tone beading. I’ve had a few custom table runners made for my dining space and swap them out with the seasons. Changing out your table runners with the seasons or in anticipation of a holiday is an easy way to decorate and keep a room that your family frequents feeling fresh. See another custom table runner Draped made here.

Our sister company Draped includes full-color renderings with every custom project like the table runner and double traversing drapery above. These renderings give our clients the opportunity to preview and approve the final look before custom creation and ordering begins. Draped understands that precision and accuracy matters when expensive and high quality fabrics are involved, so extra service measures like providing custom renderings are a part of the process to guarantee beautiful results every time.

Thank you for designing with Robin Bond Interiors!

Designing spaces you love to live in,

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