Ultimate Holiday Meal: Pokey’s Pudding

This recipe is the most near and dear to my heart! It’s called “Pokey’s Pudding,” rightfully named after my Grandmother’s best friend,  the late Delores “Pokey” Conn. The nickname Pokey was given to Delores early in life, because she always wore her hair in two braids like the Indian Maiden Pocahontas.

Delores “Pokey” Conn

Everyone in my family loves this dessert and looks forward to it each Thanksgiving! I’m happy to share Pokey’s recipe with our loyal Wine|Dine|Design community. Pokey was always happy to meet new people and show love through her cooking. Prepare this dessert in a clear glass 9″ x 12″ baking dish. Only press the crust onto the bottom, so that guests can see the layers are visible.

My Grandmother, Pokey and My Mom
My Grandmother, Pokey and My Mom

Print Pokey’s recipe here. Thank you for wining, dining and designing your way to the ultimate holiday with Robin Bond Interiors!

Designing spaces you love to live in,

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