2016 Trends: Sodalite Blue

I have to admit that after Pantone’s color of the year last year (Marsala) was a disappointment and never gained traction within the interior design community, I was hopeful that this year would be better. Well, the 2016 Pantone colors have now been announced… Serenity (a neutral pale blue) and Rose Quartz (a warm and boring pale pink). Needless to say, my hopes for some good, bright, happy colors were dashed, and so in true Robin Bond Interiors fashion, we decided to come up with our own Pantone color of the year… Sodalite Blue! It’s more of a cobalt color as opposed to navy, which adds the vibrancy and energy that’s missing from all the bland colors this year, but at the same time is still calming and peaceful.

Sodalite Blue Board


1. Velvet is one of my favorite fabrics and I am so excited to see it’s coming back in style.

2. The abstract styling and varied textures of these wall decor pieces are stunning.

3. The classic blue and white color combo in both the table lamp and set of vases includes a unique hand painted look.

4. Can you believe this rug is made from cowhide? It’s bright, beautiful, practically indestructible, and I am in love with it.




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