2016 Trends: Paint

It makes sense, I guess, that gray and white would be the colors that paint companies would recognize since gray has been the dominate neutral for a few years now, and clean white interiors have also increased in popularity. I love using white but do usually like some sort of pop of color added to keep things from feeling too sterile.

Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams both chose whites for their color of the year… isn’t white the absence of color? C’mon, people! While I actually have been using Sherwin-Williams’ Alabaster for years, it’s almost always on trim. It’s a great white that goes with almost anything and is never too harsh, but it just doesn’t have that pop that I love so much. I don’t care for Benjamin Moore’s Simply White at all. Don’t get me wrong, I love a lot of Benjamin Moore colors and a lot of the Benjamin Moore whites as well. This white, however, has too much green in it and is too darn bright. If you dare to use this color for a whole room, you’ll need sunglasses every time you walk in. Your best bet is to use it sparingly on trim or accent furniture. Kelly Moore’s Horizon Gray, while too neutral for a color of the year in my opinion, is still a nice versatile gray. I like it and will definitely use it.

After seeing all of these 2016 colors announced, I realized something about myself. When clients give me a choice I am going to lean toward color every time. It’s what keeps a home from looking like a home staged specifically to appeal to the masses of the general housing market. We should all have the courage to be individual when it comes to our own homes. If you love neutral then by all means stay neutral but most people I work with really do like color, and with a little push from a designer always have the courage to go for it and show their unique personality and style.

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