2016 Trends: Construction Materials

Selecting hard goods for a new home or remodel project can easily make or break an entire design. It’s fairly simple to change out a throw pillow, or even reupholster a sofa, but these are the materials that you will live with every day until your next remodel. Every. Day.

Hexagon tiles and flooring

One new trend we are seeing in home construction is geometric tiles with the hexagon shape. They are showing up everywhere! These beautiful Ann Sacks tiles further prove that hexagon rules right now, and this beautiful custom-designed wood flooring pattern is to die for and would look great in an entry foyer.

THICK counter tops

Thick counter tops are a new trend that I especially love. It’s one of the most unique things I have seen happen to counter tops in a decade and I couldn’t be more excited. They look especially beautiful using Cambria engineered quartz surfaces as shown in the above images.

Black is back!

Black has always been great in smaller doses to add punch to a space, but now it’s showing up as a popular kitchen cabinet color and even as a sultry wall color. I especially like the use of black on walls in a master bedroom or dining room. Many people seem to get concerned that if the walls of a room are painted in a dark color that the space will feel too small. This is not the case at all. I love dark wall colors to immediately create drama and a sense of peace at the same time.

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One thought on “2016 Trends: Construction Materials

  1. I agree about using black as it can make the light features really take center stage and people don’t realize that the walls really recede when painted black, sometimes making the room seem larger. Like anything, it has to be paired with the right things but a great post. We live once, take chances, live big.


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