Get the Look: Traditional

Traditional design is luxurious comfort at its best. It is recognized by its formal ambiance, which is restrained and often fairly classic. When working with clients in this style it’s important to stay away from edgy, modern or quirky elements and instead think elegant, refined and classy. I like to compare traditional style to a formal dinner party at a five star restaurant or hotel, or a woman in a little black dress with a diamond or pearl necklace.

traditional style board robin bond interiors


The furniture, pillows and drapery treatments are out of high quality fabrics and have intricate dressmaker details such as buttons, cording, fringe or beads. Graceful lines, richly stained woods, and elaborately carved details are paired with luscious fabrics for upholstered pieces. It is also quite common to use antiques in this style.

Symmetrical Arrangement

The majority of a traditional room is symmetrical. The use of pairs is quite common in traditional style. With that said, I like to throw a curve ball in with at least one asymmetrical grouping in a space. Who says you always have to play by the rules?

Neutral Walls

You won’t often see the use of bold wall colors in traditional design. More often than not, the walls are a single restrained color throughout the entire home. The color comes in later with fabrics and artwork.


Traditional style often has a mix of patterns in a room, with everything from floral, damask, paisley, check, stripe and plaids. The color scheme is well established and is the common denominator between the fabrics.


The colors used in the traditional style are typically dark and rich, utilizing navy, brown, red or a deep green.

Art & Accessories

Ornate mirrors and muted artwork in realistic landscapes or florals. Lamps, finals and other accessories are very detailed and often include carving or gilding. Human busts and sculptures are also common in traditional design.

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