Get the Look: Transitional

Transitional style can best be described as a mix between modern and traditional. If modern is too sterile for your taste and yet traditional just feels a bit too busy, you will probably feel right at home with the transitional style. The classic transitional style encompasses a neutral color scheme, simple lines, and even joins some traditional and modern elements.  This style is perfect for those seeking a simple, peaceful environment.

transitional style board robin bond interiors


The lines in transitional design are typically straight, although an occasional soft curve in the leg is seen as well. The upholstery will most often be neutral and/or subtle with an overall emphasis on cream, beige and tan tones. Since gray is a trending color right now, I do tend to see more gray and off white combinations than in the past. For my clients that feel gray is just too cold a color, taupe tones work equally as well with off-whites. Woods are typically stained in a dark mocha or espresso color to contrast the lighter fabrics.


Wood floors accented with rugs in geometric prints or more traditional prints are common.  Rugs made out of natural materials such as Sisal, Berber or even cow hide are popular choices.


More often than not, the metal of choice for hardware, fixtures and accents is brushed nickel.  With brass trending again, though, I have even seen brass or gold metal elements paired with taupe or warm gray color palettes.


Most of the drapes in transitional design are simple panels in solid colors, and at times may have an accent band of some sort. Patterns are not unheard of as long as they are subtle or geometric. Patterns are often brought in on pillows, throws or table runners.

Art & Accessories

The art style leans toward more contemporary styles with subtle colors. Accessories are purposeful, minimal, clean-lined and larger in scale. Black and white art and photos are also common.

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