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Contemporary design is considered the clean-lined and geometric look of “now”. This style is relatively minimalistic, emphasizing straight lines, sleekness, and steel elements. Contemporary interiors tend to showcase a space itself rather than the objects in it and often include straight, open architecture with various materials and textures.

contemporary style board robin bond interiors


Black, white and neutral colors are the main colors in contemporary style, although it’s also often accented with pops of bold color. The space is usually grounded with a variation of black and white, such as gray and white or another neutral color paired with cream or white.


Contemporary furniture is smooth, clean, straight and geometric. It’s simple and uncluttered with no curves. Sofas, chairs and ottomans often have exposed legs; you will never see skirts, trim, fringe or tassels in contemporary style.


Stained concrete, wood, tile and vinyl are all simple and common flooring choices. Color or texture is added with a plain or geometric-patterned area rug.


There are tons of bold and beautiful contemporary style prints and patterns in all types of color ways. In contemporary design you will typically see all solid fabrics with texture or bold color, however the more daring spaces will have a dominant contemporary pattern and may even have some complimentary contemporary prints. The key is to not let the patterns get too busy but rather use them to make a simple yet bold statement.


Contemporary style art typically plays off of geometric shapes or movement. I tend to be more drawn to contemporary art (and similarly, modern art) over any other type of art and so in my designs I will even incorporate contemporary art into a traditional or transitional space to add some edge.


Accessories should be minimal, large, simple, and geometric, and often have a purpose such as holding candles for producing ambiance and light.


Lighting is crucial in contemporary design. Rooms usually feature large floor to ceiling panorama windows.  Lamps will often be made from steel or other metal with straight lines, and may reflect a bold design or color.

Keep in mind that contemporary furnishings work best within complementary architecture.  Contemporary furnishings will look out of place in a traditional style home or a Victorian mansion, like trying to play a rock concert and a symphony at the same time.

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