Quality Matters: Case Goods

Always opt for higher quality when it comes to work horse case good items like bedroom dressers or media cabinets. These pieces have drawers that are often opened and closed on a daily basis. Small side and accent tables don’t get the same amount of use, and so it’s okay if these pieces are of a more moderate quality.

quality sideboard no background


Quality furniture is made of hard wood. You can easily test this by pressing your fingernail into the piece in a thin line. If your nail makes a visible dent, chances are the wood is not a hard wood.


Joint construction is the main determinant of quality case good furniture. Anything held together with staples or nails is shoddy construction, and the same goes for glued if you can see the glue. Just as with upholstered pieces, be on the lookout for doweled or dovetail joints on drawers. Leg pieces should be attached with screws (not nails).


A veneer is a thin piece of premium wood that is applied to the outside of case good pieces to cover a lower quality piece of wood. This does not necessarily mean an inferior product as long as the underlying wood is a solid wood (not particle board or fiberboard), and isn’t wobbly. A lot of furniture, even high-quality furniture will have a certain amount of veneer. It can create some beautiful results by incorporating different designs and patterns that would be impossible to get using just the frame. The only downside to veneers is that they typically can’t be sanded and re-stained.

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