Quality Matters: Window Coverings

There are so many modern hard window coverings on the market today it would be impossible to list them all in a single blog post. When it comes to purchasing window coverings, it’s best to work with a professional who has years of industry experience and will guide you through the process to determine what window covering will be best for your home stylistically and based on window location, view and other considerations. It is especially important in today’s world, where motorization options are the highest in luxury, like Hunter Douglas’s PowerView program, which has options to program your shades to automatically adjust for time of day or room setting, and to be fully operable with your tablet or smart phone.

I don’t necessarily recommend using the same type of window covering in every room of a house. I like to treat each room individually based on aesthetics, use, privacy and sun control needed. There are always exceptions, though, like having the same type of window covering for all the windows facing the front of a home for a uniform look from the street. I can see this argument… but I must admit I did not follow that rule my own home. I have used different treatments throughout my home (even in the street facing windows) based on the individual use and aesthetic of the room. Our house is on a beautiful green belt, and so in our living room I opted for tight stacking roller shades so that when they are up I don’t lose any of the beautiful view.

quality roller shades close-up detail

The most popular hard treatment on the market today has got to be roller shades. There are so many fabric choices and these shades are no longer just for contemporary style spaces; we have put them in traditional and transitional style homes as well. When using them in traditional style homes you just need to be careful that the fabric complements the architecture of the house. When it comes to roller shades, Hunter Douglas is by far one of the more quality products on the market and they have the most high-end look and the largest variety of fabrics available.

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