Quality Matters: Art, Accessories and Floral


The framing is what makes all of the difference in artwork. I often times see artists produce beautiful custom art, and then cut corners when it comes to framing and it totally ruins the look of the whole piece. I know that gallery wrapped canvas is a popular option right now, but a properly framed piece of art can really make a statement as well. I tend to prefer art that is framed if it’s on a focal wall, but in modern or contemporary spaces the gallery wrap is a good choice.

quality artwork

Original art is fun to collect and then you know that the piece will be unique to you and your household (it also makes great inspiration for designing the rest of a space). However, if art isn’t really something that you care to invest in there are plenty of beautiful, high quality pieces available to the trade that are available already framed with a good quality frame.


quality sculptureWhen it comes to accessories, my rule of thumb has always been “less is more.” Good quality accessories are made with heavy metals, ceramics, marble, glass and/or wood. I prefer to stay away from resin or plastic products, but on occasion I will find something that has a beautiful look to it and I think is worth using. I would rather see a few heavy quality accessories in a space rather than a bunch of clutter. When in doubt, just as with furniture and lamps, the weight of the piece will often say a lot. Real metals and other quality materials tend to be heavier than cheaply made products.

Floral & Greenery

quality faux treeAlthough artificial plants were out of vogue for the past few years, they are beginning to make a comeback. I am glad to see it since there are a lot of people that just do not have the gift of a green thumb. The only thing worse than a cheap artificial plant that doesn’t look real is a live plant that is sick and dying. I highly recommend either spending the money for good quality artificial plants if you are going to use them, or opt for no plants at all. I like using a touch of artificial greenery or floral in my designs because it brings life, but when I do, I always specify greenery from manufacturers that I know produce florals with lifelike appearances and/or the materials are beautiful even if the arrangement is not intended to look lifelike. The rule of thumb here is knowing the manufacturers you are dealing with, and I can tell you right now that most of the artificial floral and greenery on the retail market is cheap and ugly. Go through your interior designer to locate the best products in this arena.

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