What to Do on Your Summer Staycation

I am glad our firm put together this staycation campaign. It has prompted me to further explore all of the great things available to us right here in Austin.

After making it through several acquisitions over a 19 year period, my husband, Darren, lost his job a few months back. The company he worked for was finally bought out by a private equity firm, who proceeded to ax the top executives to bring in their own. Sadly, my husband was among that bunch. On the bright side, he got a favorable severance package and recently accepted a position with another company that seems amazing. They seem to be having fun there, closing deals and are very family-oriented. We have learned over the years not to question setbacks as there is something to learn from every one. Lord knows we have had our share of them, but we always come out stronger and with a golden nugget or two of wisdom along the way.

All this to say, since my husband started a new job he will not want to take a vacation for a while. The timing could not be better for our family to experience our own staycation this year!

Tour the Capitol building

One thing I am going to do this summer is visit the State Capitol. We are fortunate to have it right here in the town we live. I don’t know about you, but I tend to work so hard during the week that by the time the weekend rolls around, I often just want to stay at home and veg out. If I just put something like this on my calendar, though, it tends to happen. My family and I are going to do one of the small group guided tours this summer. It only took us living here 17 years to do it, but hey… it’s never too late. I consider myself to be fairly patriotic and so I always get a little mushy when I hear inspiring speeches, songs or attend any sort of event centered on our great nation. Nowhere else do women have so much opportunity to pursue things we love.

Shop on South Congress

There is nothing else that is quite the epitome of what I think of when I think of Austin than South Congress.  Well…maybe South Lamar. The bottom line is, I am a south of the river kind of girl and South Congress is always a fun day trip, or even an overnight trip if you want to stay at the Hotel San José. My husband and I spent one of our anniversaries at the San Jose and loved it. We listened to live music, ate at the South Congress Café and rode bikes everywhere we went. I love checking out all the quirky shops, and people watching there is the best. On the weekends there are often additional street vendors as well, and I have purchased some really unique jewelry pieces this way.

Go Wine Tasting at a Vineyard

I keep reading that the Texas Hill Country, only minutes from Austin, is becoming the next Sonoma Valley for wine enthusiasts. There are too many great wineries to name here, but to name a few, Fall Creek Vineyards, Becker Vineyards and Llano Estacado Winery all consistently produce good quality wines. Take a tour of any of the great Hill Country wineries for an enjoyable day trip.

Spend a Day on the Lake

Enjoy the beauty of Lake Austin or Lake Travis for the day. I am a little more partial to Lake Travis because my family had a cabin there growing up, my parents live there and a lot of my clientele live in the Spicewood/Lake Travis area. You cannot find a better community anywhere. The people are welcoming, the views are breathtaking and the lake is huge, with plenty of room to Jet Ski, water ski or go boating. The water level was drastically down for several years, but with all the rain we have had lately the lake is at full capacity and better than ever. My dad loves to fish and has been known to catch some beautiful yellow cats right off of his dock.

Lake Travis view

This picture is looking off of my parent’s deck. The view is like a moving picture throughout the day. It is great to see my parents come full circle to retire on Lake Travis where my dad grew up and my mom spent much of her time growing up.

Listen to Music in The Backyard

Since Austin is the live music capital of the world, we can’t forget to mention music! Every night over 100 venues stage live shows, and The Backyard is just one of these. If you wanted to, you could spend your whole summer on a quest to see how many new bands you could discover and you would only just be scratching the surface.

A Texas girl all of my life, I grew up in the San Antonio area but visited the Austin area from the time I was born since family on both my parents side lived here. My dad grew up on Lake Travis and my mom in Dripping Springs. When I finally had the privilege of moving here 17 years ago (going on 18) I felt like I had finally come home. I have always been proud to be a Texan, but I am even more proud to live in Austin, Texas. It is beautiful and the people are creative, innovative and most of all warm and inviting.

Life is better with good food, good wine and great design,

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