Fabric, Plain and Simple (or not): Velvet

Velvets come in all types of materials ranging from polyester, to polyester blends to silk. In my opinion the silk velvets are absolutely the most beautiful and blends are the most practical. I have always loved velvets and am glad to see that they are trending right now. They have always been fairly timeless, but nowadays are turning up more than usual on all types of upholstered pieces, drapery and pillows.

Velvet and chenille fabrics are very similar to the touch, but there are some notable differences. Velvets are often referred to as a pile fabric that has a smooth surface, whereas chenille fabrics have a thicker and often times more irregular pile. Both fabrics will tend to flatten and move, and these surface variations are part of the beauty of the fabric. This should be considered when using a velvet or chenille on upholstered furniture since some will show prints or marks when sitting on and/or rubbing the furniture.

This particular velvet is a silk/cotton blend. The silk gives the velvet a nice sheen while the cotton gives it stability and durability.

Ralph Lauren Velvet

Velvets also come in tone-on-tone pattern designs and can even be multi-colored.

Lee Jofa Polka Dot Velvet

Strie velvet is produced using two different colors before weaving.This process results in a mottled effect on the surface of the fabric.

Kravet Strie Velvet

Crushed velvet has a wrinkled appearance, which is achieved by twisting the fabric while it is wet.


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