Fabric, Plain & Simple (or not): Linen

Linen fabrics have a beautiful matte finish with great texture. I refuse to work with a 100% linen fabrics, however, due to the fact that they wrinkle easily and stretch horribly when used for both drapery and furniture. 

The plus side is that many manufacturers are now making linen blends that have the same beauty as linen but incorporate the fibers of a stronger fabric, meaning that they won’t wrinkle as easily and they have less susceptibility to stretching.

This linen cotton blend is still great for those who want a fabric that is made out of natural materials.

Kravet Teal Linen Cotton Blend

Many people think of a solid fabric when it comes to linen, but this linen cotton blend is a beautiful example of how patterns can be used as well.

Kravet Stripe Linen Cotton Blend

Embroidery is another technique that is perfectly executed on this linen viscose blend. The synthetic viscose fibers help to further stabilize the fabric.

Kravet Embroidered Linen Viscose Blend

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