Wine Wednesday: Mercer’s Wine Ice Cream

We’re doing something a little different this month! The Texas sun beats down pretty hard this time of year, and while we didn’t want to miss our beloved Wine Wednesday, we wanted something that would cool us down, too. That’s when we found Mercer’s Wine Ice Cream, and we were sold.

Mercer’s Dairy is a woman-owned company in upstate New York that has been serving up traditional ice cream flavors for 60 years, and more recently, has created the genius combination of wine and ice cream into the perfect summer treat. There are ten flavors to choose from, of which we sampled three at our annual summer barbecue: Peach White Zinfandel, Red Raspberry Chardonnay, and Chocolate Cabernet.

We thought the Peach White Zinfandel did the best at incorporating the flavor of the wine into the ice cream. Both the Red Raspberry Chardonnay and the Chocolate Cabernet, while delicious, seemed to be a little overpowered by their sweet ingredients and it was hard to actually taste the wine. Of the three, we all thought that Red Raspberry Chardonnay had the best flavor, but the only downside is that upon inspecting the nutrition label, we found that it was the only flavor we tried that wasn’t all natural.

Overall, they were all fantastic and we would definitely purchase them again as well as try some of their other flavors! They can be purchased locally here in Texas at all Spec’s Wine, Spirits & Finer Foods locations.

Life is better with good food, good wine, and great design!

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