Fabric, Plain & Simple (or not): Synthetic Blends

When it comes to synthetic materials, often times you will see them mixed with natural materials, or as a blend of multiple man-made materials in order to take advantage of the benefits of each type of fiber. When determining if a fabric is suitable for a particular use, I like to look at the hand of the fabric, which essentially just means how the fabric feels against your skin. A fabric used for drapery will typically be of lighter weight and have a softer hand than fabric used to upholster a chair or sofa. A stiff fabric may not be the best choice for a drapery panel as it will not hang naturally and loosely, causing an undesirable look.

Some of the more popular man-made materials used in interior design are:

  • Acrylic: Soft, wool-like, machine washable and dryable. It also has excellent color retention.
  • Viscose: A polymer regenerated cellulose fiber. Viscose is sometimes referred to as Rayon.
  • Polyester:  Made from a petroleum-based fiber. It is known for its strength, resistance to abrasion and low absorbency.

It is totally possible to create an entire color palette with an amazing look from man-made materials like this beautiful neutral scheme!

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