Fabric, Plan & Simple (or not): Silk

Silk is a luxurious fiber composed mainly of fibroin and is produced by silk worms when they form their cocoons. This secretion is then used to make thread and fabric. Silk fabrics do tend to be more delicate than other fabrics and therefore should be lined with a blackout lining or a regular lining with an interlining when using it for drapery, especially here in Texas, otherwise the sun will disintegrate it quickly. Though sometimes seen on upholstery pieces, I would not recommend it unless the piece upholstered is for light use only. In cases that I have used silk on upholstery, I make sure it is backed with a synthetic backing to strengthen it for upholstery use.

Silk can be made in all types of patterns and colors…

…or have more texture and variation in what we call a raw silk. The variation of gold and orange in this one makes for a very unique look!

kravet silk raw

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