Fabric, Plain & Simple (or not): Sheers

Sheer fabric is made using a thin thread and/or low density of knit. The result is a semi-transparent and flimsy cloth. We typically use sheer fabric for drapery panels. It’s a great way to dress up a window while still letting in plenty of light and keeping the room feeling light and airy. Similar to other types of fabrics, designers have access to an unlimited amount of variety in sheers.

Metallic finishes are still very popular right now in design, and there is no exception when it comes to sheer fabric. This is an example of a Ralph Lauren open weave sheer in a metallic gold. Making curtains out of this fabric would immediately add a touch of glamour to a space.

Ralph Lauren gold sheer

This linen sheer is a tighter weave that is less transparent. This would work beautifully in a shabby chic décor.

Ralph Lauren striped sheer

Sheers come in colors as well but you need to be careful with this since. When the sun shines through the fabric it will pick up the color and bathe the room in it, so something like a red sheer would make a room look covered in blood, which wouldn’t create a very positive mood unless perhaps you’re a vampire.

Even with a gray like this one, you still wouldn’t want it to cover much of the window since the gray tone caused by the sun might make for a depressing space.

kravet gray sheer

Just as with other types of fabrics, sheers come in some beautiful embroidery patterns. This is a great way to add subtle pattern to a room décor without being overpowering.

Kravet embroidered sheer

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