Breaking Ground: Appliances

Appliances always seem to take up a large portion of the construction budget, but if purchased wisely it will be money well spent.

I love to cook, and do so on nearly a nightly basis, and so it would make sense to specify a better appliance package like the Thermador and KitchenAid pieces that we used for this project. If you enjoy outdoor cooking and grilling, the builders that we work with will often build a grill like the one below from Coyote into an outdoor cooking area.

kfcs22evms        mcsa040400_memcw301ep_defcs36lp-2

On the other hand, if you will rarely pull out a pot to really cook, there are plenty of moderately priced appliances on the market that will work just fine for occasional use. Be sure to let your designer know your preferences, and they will help you to realize where you can get the most bang for your buck, whether it be with appliances or with another aspect of your project.

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