Breaking Ground: Motorized Shades

Since home automation is on the rise and starting to become more and more commonplace, it’s even more important that you get an interior designer involved in your project during the architectural planning phase. This will allow you to hard wire for motorized shades during the planning phase rather than needing to use battery packs or even bust through walls to add wiring later. Think of it like installing a speaker system, and even if you don’t plan on purchasing them right away, you will be thankful when the time comes that the wiring is at least in place already.

Motorized shades have come a long way in recent years, and Hunter Douglas has been leading the way with their amazing PowerView options. Shades can now be tied into home automation systems and can be operated from iPads. You can also schedule them to go up or down at a specific time each day to have a truly hands-free experience. Check out the video below for more!

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