Setting the Mood: Peaceful

When I think of peace two things immediately come to mind; the dove and the color blue, but a soft muted blue rather than a bold one. The white dove has long been a symbol of peace to mankind, and in Christianity it represents the Holy Spirit. In design, peaceful rooms will often times consist of more muted color tones and less busy patterns.

This peaceful mood concept is inspired by the digital artwork below, created by the talented artist Jessica Allain from Canada. The blue, white and silver in this artwork makes me feel peaceful just looking at it.

Jessica Allain is a newer artist, and I predict she will be up and coming. I love finding custom-made original pieces like this for my clients through Etsy. There are some very talented people who make a variety of unique things. If I get stuck trying to find that perfect piece I will check out Etsy and typically always find what I am looking for.


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