Setting the Mood: Love

I see light and love as one in the same. People who have near-death experiences
often seem to come back with a commonly shared theme of a beautiful light and
a strong sense of love. I associate light with white and so the end result is a sensual bedroom comprised of all whites and creams.


  1. Sherwin-Williams’ Alabaster is my go-to white for interior trim. It’s not too harsh and doesn’t have any sort of strange undertone (like pink or green) so it seems to work well with most colors.
  2. I love using animal print whenever I can. The white on white zebra print in this rug makes the room feel a little more on the wild side.
  3. Quality case goods in a bedroom are worth the investment. You will be opening and closing the drawers in these pieces often on a daily basis. People tend to keep their bedroom furniture for 20 years to a lifetime.
  4. Lighting is one of my favorite elements with which to work. A master bedroom should be about romance, but at the same time there should also be good lighting on each side of the bed for those who like to read a little before turning in each night.
  5. The design in the vases plays off of the texture in the artwork. Designers like to repeat or play off of shapes in a space to create what we call rhythm. All you really need to know about rhythm is that in the end the space will feel great.

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Designing spaces you love to live in,

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