Setting the Mood: Adventurous

I think the adventurous spirit means different things to different people. The classic definition would be, “those who are willing to take risks or to try out new methods, ideas, or experiences.” To some that might mean something as simple as adding color to your home when in the past it has always been neutral. I am very comfortable with the adventurousness it takes to help my clients outside of their comfort zones with design, whereas the thought of jumping out of a plane makes me freeze up. On the contrary, many of my clients are perfectly fine with jumping out of planes, but need an extra push to “take the leap” at home.

I used this parasailing picture as inspiration for this mood board because oddly enough parasailing doesn’t terrify me like jumping out of a plane does; it’s actually on my bucket list. Maybe it is because the parachute is already open (I have this fear that I would be too frozen to open my own parachute) and because it is over water. It’s much easier for me to ignore the idea that I could be eaten by a shark if the parachute happened to falter.

My brother, Robert Richard Burke, is the epitome of adventurous. He lives in Colorado and spends most weekends rock climbing, skiing, hunting for elk, or camping alongside the bears (his bear stories are the best). I think he would admit, though, that he would have his own “freeze up” at the thought of what to do when designing with the color orange. So this mood board is dedicated to you, Robert. We’re going to create for you your very own adventurous, masculine library all based around the color orange.


  1. Rich neutrals are a great base for creating a masculine feeling space, and olive tones combine really well with bold orange tones so we will start with the neutral olive walls and then pile on the orange.
  2. This rug from Kyle Bunting sets the tone for the whole room. It screams adventure based on the nature of the pattern alone, and the earthy tones paired with the fiery orange make me think of adventure.
  3. Having a sleek recliner paired with a unique end table makes for a great reading area in this combination office/library space.
  4. The copper in this lamp plays off the orange tones in the room, and the shape of the base is reminiscent of a mountain peak landscape scene. Everything about this lamp works well with our adventurous mood.
  5. This art feels very adventurous to me. It looks like there are chaotic trails everywhere and a combination of sun and earth.
  6. Every library needs a good martini…shaken…not stirred.

What do you think of this adventurous library space? Would it inspire you to jump from a plane (metaphorically speaking, of course)? Let us know by liking, commenting and sharing this post with your family and friends. As always, if you haven’t already, be sure to enter your email to make sure that you never miss a future post!

Designing spaces you love to live in,

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6 thoughts on “Setting the Mood: Adventurous

  1. Dear Robin,

    Your are absolutely correct. I often freeze up at the thought of designing with the color orange. I’m sure others have the same problem, as orange is just a difficult color to work into my motif.

    In spite of this challenge, I do manage to pull things off in an orange ski jacket. With brown pants of course.



  2. Love your adventure story. I can relate to not wanting to take the leap and change things as often as I should. However, each time I have had Robin Bond Interiors make changes for me, I have felt comfortable and enjoyed every minute of it.

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