Top Trends of 2017: Colors

The top two paint brands that most painters here in Austin use have come out with pretty much more of the same for their color of the year choices. They seem to love gray and by gosh they are sticking to it. Don’t get me wrong. I love gray and other neutrals as well, but when it comes to something like the color of the year, I am ready to see something a little more exciting.

Benjamin Moore: 2117-30 Shadow

Allusive & Enigmatic
I am at least glad to see that this color has a purple undertone. Purple is always fabulous and not for the faint of heart.

Sherwin-Williams: SW 6039 Poised Taupe

Cozy & Warm
The problem a lot of people have with gray is that it can leave a place feeling a little cold. I find that my clients who have a hard time with the gray trend are typically okay with taupe. I can definitely see why Sherwin-Williams is moving more in this direction since it’s a little more warm than past trends and consumers are probably demanding that the grays go more in that direction.

Pratt & Lambert: 23-18 Leafy Bower

Luxurious & Mysterious
This color is right on. You may remember from our before and after blog series last month that my client Rachel’s room was done in a deep green. While it’s not quite a hunter green, it is rather reminiscent of the trend that died hard over a decade ago. Rachel was a little ahead of the game with requesting this color scheme last year, and if a teenager requests something, you can usually be sure that the main stream trend is not far behind.

Pantone: 15-0343 Greenery

Refreshing & Revitalizing
I am a total green person when it comes to home décor, and even though the darker jewel tone of Pratt & Lambert’s Leafy Bower is pretty and dramatic, Greenery is much more in line with the greens that I tend to lean toward, and I currently have this type of green in the main areas of my own home, paired with whites and creams. Now I am just waiting for all of the green fabric books to start showing up at the office. We can always tell what is trending color-wise by the new fabric books we receive from our manufacturers. Likewise, if a color is really not trending at the moment then it’s extremely hard to find fabrics in that particular color (right now that appears to be the red family).

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