Top Trends of 2017: Construction

Black and white kitchen designTuxedo Kitchens: This trend can be implemented quite literally by finishing base cabinets in black and wall cabinets in white, or can be accomplished with other color combinations such as navy base cabinets and soft gray wall cabinets. Speaking of black and white, the classic black and white overall kitchen scheme will be even more popular than usual as this combination continues to trend. All white kitchens have also been trending for the last couple of years and seem to be coming to a crescendo now as we see more and more people asking for them.

Waterfall Edge Counters: In modern design, waterfall edge counters are always favorable but are now also being seen in transitional designs as a clean-lined option.

Hidden Appliances: It’s extremely easy for kitchens to become cluttered with small gadgets and appliances (especially once you see all of the cool gadgets that we feature every month). Be it something small or large, it’s becoming more and more popular to keep as much out of sight as possible with appliance garage style cabinets, and even cabinet-paneled refrigerator fronts to meld more into the overall design.

istock-167286384Shiplap: Wood paneling pretty much died in the 80’s, but now it’s making a comeback in the form of shiplap. It’s installed horizontally and vertically, and on both walls and ceilings. While the early way to achieve this look was to head to a lumber yard and purchase some old recycled barn wood, as the popularity of this trend has grown, so has the number of companies offering the same look with newer materials. The preferences are to either clear coat it and let its natural beauty shine (this is best if you’re using real recycled wood that has character and history of its own), or to paint it white. I am seeing some stained versions, although they are not as common, especially in more modern designs.

Mixed Hardware Finishes: Instead of opting for all stainless steel appliances and hardware, it’s becoming more popular to incorporate a secondary finish, like bronze, for hardware or even to have a stove or refrigerator in a vintage color for a more one-of-a-kind space.

Patterned Tiles and Patterned Concrete Tiles: I am seeing these especially used for kitchen backsplashes.

Modern steel kitchen islandStainless Steel Counter Tops: This trend and the overall “commercial kitchen” look will be extremely popular in 2017. This will be especially true for people like me who enjoy cooking.

Terracotta: I find this trend slightly unusual since the cooler gray tones have been dominating the market for so long. Terracotta is such a warm material, but I have a feeling that a lot of people might welcome the fact this one is making a bit of a comeback.


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