Top Trends for 2017: Design

At long last, it seems as though people are ready to let their guards down when it comes to fashion and interior design.

For many years, the recession brought with it conservative purchases and a minimal aesthetic style. Now, in anticipation of a more robust economy, designers are becoming more appealing to the public’s desire to decorate, and this will continue to evolve as the general public starts consuming again. So exit minimalism and bring forth maximalism. While this may not happen overnight, this is what we are anticipating.


Reminiscent of the Baroque era, look out for mixed patterns and over embellishment.

deborah-main-designs-red-silk-brocade-with-vintage-starburst-brooch-pillowI do still believe in the less is more approach, which is a stark contrast to the maximalist style, and so I plan to find a happy medium between the two as we enter this whole idea of Barouque.

Maximalism is about added layers, trim and adornment. My friend Deborah Main of Deborah Main Designs is the queen of the layered look when it comes to custom vintage pillows, like this limited edition red silk brocade with a vintage starbust brooch.

Using simple white walls as a base and then incorporating bold color into everything else is a trend I have been feeling coming on for some time now (we even designed our new office around this concept). It’s also a good way to introduce a more elaborate design style if you are not all that daring but still crave color since it’s much easier to change a pillow or accessory than to repaint your home.

go126a001-1418If this sounds like you, I urge you to try this concept, using white walls and then add something like this art piece for some real pop. If you’re ready to be a little bit more daring, a bright and colorful chair like this on from Kravet would make a great dominant pattern from which to start.



Some people are calling this trend Boho-Chic, and it works well for people who prefer a more relaxed and casual look. The best way I can think of to describe this look is to picture the hippies of the 1960’s wearing their bell bottoms and wide brimmed hats.

Blue and Whitetrendsectionindigo_banner

The blue and white style is always considered a classic, but it’s also trending right now and is more beautiful than ever. Combining this look with tons of varied texture is fabulous!


My husband grew up surfing in South Padre Island and as a result we’ve found that in our own home we tend to be drawn to things that are textured and have a little bit of a tropical feel. I love this new trend, which combines those textures and coastal feel along with adding some bolder color.

Designing spaces you love to live in,

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