Top Trends of 2017: Drapery

We work with a wide variety of fabric manufacturers for our drapery treatments, as well as major hardware brands like Helser Brothers, on a regular basis. The experts in this field seem to always be ahead of the game when it comes to trends, and they are predicting the following for 2017.

artefice_0A continued trend toward sleek, contemporary style. We are also seeing more reflective materials than we have in the past.

Outdoor hardware and drapery treatments are becoming more mainstream as homeowners continue to expand their living spaces to the outdoors.

Jewel-toned drapery fabrics are beginning to overtake the whites and neutrals that reigned supreme for many years.

Let the light shine in with sheer drapery panels, which are a great way to add that polished look to a window without it feeling too heavy.

17816-windecker-ct-large-016-10-other-beds-and-baths-630-1499x1000-72dpiDecorative tape is going to start showing up on everything from window treatments to sofas. This is a great way to add a little drama to an otherwise neutral drapery panel.

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