Kitchen Gadget of the Month: Tribella Wine Aerator & Pourer

This month our featured kitchen gadget is an easy to use attachable Tribella Wine Aerator & Pourer. This device is perfect for those of us who are just not quite patient enough to sit around and let a bottle of wine breath. Simply attach to any wine bottle, sit back and enjoy.

According to Williams Sonoma what make the Tribella Wine Aerator & Pourer so unique is that it has three separate streams that filter the wine while it pours:

wine-aerator“Patented three-stream device elegantly aerates wine during pour…The air between the streams allows the wine to breathe as it flows, unleashing its true flavor and aroma.”

You can buy one for yourself or even as a gift for any wine connoisseur, at William Sonoma for just under $40.00. It is as unique as it is functional.



Life is better with good food, good wine and great design,

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