Chilies and Sausage Quiche

This particular recipe is so special for me to share with you all. It comes from one of my favorite cook books that was given to me by my Aunt Lisa. She gave me this cook book as a graduation gift a few years ago… in 1983, and the note she wrote in it makes me treasure it even more. note from LiSA

It was this very book by the Austin Junior Forum that started me on my cooking journey and where my love for cooking began. Their recipes are always wonderful and it has become a go to cookbook for me over the years. The Star Legacy Bluebonnet edition has a charming story of how it was started and great purpose it served. According to the Austin Junior Forum,

” After the purchase of the Daniel H. Caswell House, additional fundraising was required to pay off the mortgage and fund interior restoration. The birth of Lone Star Legacy Bluebonnet edition met this requirement. Members of AJF gathered their recipes, spent three years testing and tasting, and finally producing their first cookbook. After one year of sales and marketing, the members gathered to ‘burn the mortgage’ as the Caswell House note had been paid in full!”

I encourage you to try out this recipe, you will not be disappointed! Or purchase one of the The Star Legacy Bluebonnet Editions for yourself .

Printable Recipe Card: Chilies and Sausage Quiche

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