Feather Your Nest: Green Woodpecker

The green woodpecker is the largest of the three woodpeckers that breed in Britain. It has a heavy-looking body, short tail and a strong, long bill. It is green on its upperparts with a paler belly, bright yellow rump and red on the top of its head. The black ‘moustache’ has a red centre in males. They have an undulating flight and a loud, laughing call.

via The RSPB: Green woodpecker

This woodpecker is an amazing creation. The intricacy of the pattern and color placement is incredible, with the way its charcoal and white flight feathers mimic a stripe accent band against a muted lime green body, polished off with a touch of reddish-orange on its head like a cap.

In my opinion, this particular bird has more of a masculine feel, and so the space I was inspired to begin creating is more masculine as well. I love the idea of a deep charcoal paint throughout the space with a pop of the reddish color on the ceiling, giving our space its very own cap.


  1. The patterned fabrics chosen mimic the feather pattern throughout the bird, and the stripe not only adds a different scaled pattern but also establishes the entire color palette. I included a warm woven gray to add texture and further solidify the masculine feel of the room.
  2. This rug perfectly reminds me of the beautiful colors of the green woodpecker, with more muted version of the grays and greens just like the bird.
  3. The table lamp further brings in our green color and the amber accent reminds me of the woodpecker’s beak.
  4. These candlesticks remind me of the texture of the tree the wood pecker is about to attack.
  5. I love the clean lines and texture in this velvet sofa, and the texture further plays off of the tree as well.
  6. The acid green color in these vases are great and the abstract pattern reminds me of branches.
  7. This mirror was chosen because it feels masculine and I just love the texture on it.
  8. Artwork is the perfect way to play off of a color palette and continue rhythm throughout a space. This particular pair not only has a masculine, but also a bit of a deep woods feel to me. The sun is perhaps peeking through the forest and shining off of the rocks.
  9. Dark and rich neutrals seem to invoke a masculine feel, and for that reason I went with a gray neutral with a green undertone for the walls and then will bring in the pops of color with the other elements in the space.

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