Feather Your Nest: Grey Crowned Crane

The crowned crane is the most primitive of the living Gruidae. Primitive species of crowned cranes date back in the fossil record to the Eocene period. Archaeologists discovered that at least eleven species of crowned cranes once existed in Europe and North America. Because crowned cranes are not cold hardy, it is believed they died out in these areas as the earth cooled, and only survived in warmer Africa.

via International Crane Foundation: Grey Crowned Cranes

The grey crowned crane is majestic and reminds me of royalty with its feathered crown. Its feathers appear to be draped like a royal robe over the back of this bird and the neutral, color-block patterned palette is wonderful. Like the rest of the crane family, the Grey Crowned Crane carries itself gracefully and regally, further adding to its formal appearance.


  1. This chevron rug is the basis for the color palette inspired by our lovely crane.
  2. Those of you who follow our work know that I love abstract landscape art and use it often in my room designs. I like the fact they will play off of whatever color palette I am working with, but seldom compete with other more dramatic pieces, which makes them very versatile as well.
  3. The edges of this mirror loosely mimic the edges of the patterns in the crane. It may not be something that comes to mind for most people, but this is where us designers are strange like this. I think we use emotion, intuition and visual senses to see shapes in various things.
  4. This abstract piece of art almost appears like a folded over crane to me, and the base has the same texture as the crown found atop its head. The black floral elements remind me of the long, bent legs typically found on cranes.
  5. This lighting fixture mimics the crown on the crane’s head and serves as the crowning glory of this dining room. It is a huge piece and would look great hanging from a beam in a tall vaulted ceiling dining space.
  6. The color palette in this chair works with the feathers of the bird and is one of those items that I can’t really explain why it works so well with everything else in this room but it just does.
  7. The shape in the bottom of this table is similar to the shape of the mirror, but has harder angles.
  8. I love the way the organic nature of these candlesticks work with the light fixture and yet are sleek, smooth and modern, similar to the way the crane’s feathers lay flat against its body.
  9. Dark dining rooms are the best in my opinion, and are always more dramatic with candlelight or a light fixture on a dimmer. It sets the tone for a romantic dinner party.

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