Feather Your Nest: Scarlet Minivet

The scarlet minivet (Pericrocotus speciosus) is a small passerine bird. …They are common resident breeding birds in forests and other well-wooded habitats including gardens, especially in hilly country. …This minivet catches insects in trees by flycatching or while perched. It flushes insects out of foliage by beating its wings hard. Scarlet minivet will form small flocks. Its song is a pleasant whistling. This bird nests high up in the treetops. The nest is a cup-like structure woven with small twigs and spiders’ webs to increase the strength of the nest. Two or three spotted pale green eggs are laid. Incubation is mainly by the female, but both birds help to raise the offspring.

via Wikipedia: Scarlet minivet

I have always loved the red and black combination. My bedroom in my 20s was black lacquer furniture with a red velvet bedspread and the rest of the room worked around that. Need I say more.

Scarlet Minivet

  1. I love figurative art. It’s an easy way to add personality and drama to a space.
  2. By now you all know how much I love velvet, and the fringe around the base of this unique sofa has sort of a feathered look to it.
  3. Global influence continues to trend as the world is more accessible with travel, products and the internet. This rug works well with the color palette and keeps the space from feeling too traditional.
  4. My signature touch to my designs is to incorporate something that’s a little on the wild side. It can be snake skin, alligator (any reptilian skin really), or an animal print will always work.
  5. The pattern in this lamp plays off of our channel back of the sofa.
  6. Sometimes interior design is more intuition than it is anything else, and in this case, these vases just work in this space. Maybe it’s the shape, maybe it’s the color or maybe it is both.

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