Feather Your Nest: Keel-Billed Toucan

Best known for its oversized bill, the keel-billed toucan is a large and colorful bird with black plumage, a bright yellow throat and cheeks, vibrant red feathers under its tail and a yellow-green face. Its light green, banana-shaped bill is splashed with orange and tipped with red and blue, and can grow to be a third of the size of the toucan’s 20-inch body. Though cumbersome looking, the bill is actually quite light because it is made of protein and supported by hollow bones. The toucan’s very broad wings, however, are heavy and make flight laborious.

via Rainforest Alliance: Keel-Billed Toucan

The keel-billed toucan is the national bird of Belize. It doesn’t get any more beautiful and tropical than that. It makes me immediately think of blue waters, sandy beaches and a lush tropical feel. Likewise, when designing a space around a toucan there is no way to put together a muted space. This one must be all-out color with an that same island vibe.


  1. This art perfectly establishes our dramatic color palette and to me even has the feeling of a tropical fruit.
  2. The graphic nature of the design in this rug reminds me of the toucan’s beak.
  3. This chair has a tropical outdoor feel to it, but I also love that the frame is black.
  4. This end table pairs perfectly with the chair. The mix of organic wood and black resin is totally current.
  5. This lamp further plays off the design in the rug and also brings back in that pop of lime green.
  6. Tufted headboards are so gorgeous and versatile, while also being comfortable and practical for people who like to sit in bed and read before turning in for the evening.
  7. These layered art glass accessory pieces go perfectly with our color palette and
    resemble both an island landscape and sunset… take your pick.
  8. I prefer a dramatic chandelier over a bed versus a ceiling fan unless my clients actually use the fan a lot. This chandelier is called Rainforest; how perfect is that?

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