Art in Interior Design: Erica Wildman

I met Erica Wildman years ago through my friend Lisa Gaynor. As I got to know her better, I found out that I had actually known her father, Larry Wildman, for years. What a small world! I am sure Larry must be proud to have such a gorgeous, energetic and enterprising daughter.

Erica is not only a great artist also a queen of marketing. I have seen her take risks that would make the riskiest of business owners waiver, like renting out a huge party room downtown at the W Hotel to display her art in the hopes that a crowd would show up that night for drinks and be inspired to purchase some art as well. Her courage has paid off as she now has a huge following of fans who love and purchase her artwork. She has mastered her marketing to the extent that she is able to work as an artist full-time, not an easy endeavor to pull off when you are young and supporting yourself.


Erica PhotoDescription of me and how I work: I can be a private artist when I paint, although I’m working towards becoming more open with my process so I can share it with my fans and collectors. My passion is working on larger canvases and I enjoy using a collections of mediums as I paint, so I’m considered a Mixed-Media artist. My love of color and trying to balance each one pulls me towards painting mostly abstracts.

My work: As of today, I only sell originals. My goal is to keep my originals in a price range that majority can afford. When you visit my website or my studio you will find I paint Small, Medium, Large and X-Large. This allows a large variety in price range.

Commissions: I do custom work to fit the specific needs of my client. If custom work is desired, I will work with the designer or client on size, color and style that will work in their home. I keep the client very hands on during the process.

Erica ArtWhat is the title of this piece: ‘Serenity’, size 60” X 60”

Why I love this piece: I love this piece because it’s calm and brings a sense of peace but it’s also electric with so much energy. I was inspired by a recent trip to the Caribbean. The gold in the painting is a metallic gold leaf and it represents the “sparkle” you see as the waves move. Water is something I love to see, be in and explore. To me this embraces my love of the ocean.

Erica is just as bold with her artwork. It is always filled with energy, strong movement and vivid color, as seen in this piece. Erica did a fabulous job of expressing on 9k451canvas the mood of a recent trip and the mixture of sun and waves. This would be a fantastic start for a beach house design to establish both the color palette and mood.

One of the first things I would bring into the beach house design is this Batik Fish Aqua pillow by Liora Mann’e. It plays beautifully off of Erica’s artwork. This would be the start of a home that is welcoming, vibrant and current.

To learn more about Erica Wildman and her beautiful work, and to purchase your own unique piece, please visit her website at She can also be contacted directly via phone at 512.588.2787 or by email at

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