Art in Interior Design: Dawn Winter

I met Dawn in 2012 and had her create a piece of artwork for the HBA Parade of Homes I was involved with that year. She created a masculine, textured piece for a study and the room took first place in that category.

I love the depth and texture of Dawn’s work. If you are interested in checking out her gallery or hiring her for a commissioned piece learn more at:


IMG_9139-Edit-2-EditDescription of me and how I work: It wasn’t until visiting the galleries of Santa Fe, NM that I felt compelled to explore painting. I had never considered painting, much less anything creative previous to visiting the galleries of Santa Fe, NM. However, as I meandered through the fine art galleries, I felt compelled to explore this newly emerging interest. I randomly chose acrylic paints, mediums and canvases and began experimenting. My learning curve began with the thoughts of “I wonder what will happen when I ……” and this curiosity continues.

Each painting has a life of its own. Sometimes I have a sense of the direction I want to take the painting. With others, I follow the path the painting insists on taking. If a painting takes on an undesired path, I make a different choice and throw on a different color. Then, when and if the original colors poke through, it’s a reminder of the path the painting had taken.

Sometimes, it’s the smooth butter-like tactile sensation when pulling the palette knife across the canvas that I love. Other times, it’s how the colors interact with each other and experimenting with mediums and watching the earlier layers poke through in surprising ways.

During the process of painting, I’m bringing my life experiences, wishes and temperament to the canvas. Ultimately, I seem to gain life lessons and a sense of peace and authenticity from my time spent with the paints and canvas. When a painting session is going well, I become lost in my thoughts, gain new perspectives and lose track of time. It’s a wonderful sensory experience and a departure from the otherwise detail-oriented life I lead.

Description of my work: My love of color, layers and texture are reflected in my paintings. During the creative process, I especially enjoy using acrylics, palette knives and my intuition to create paintings with a balanced sense of color, motion and patterns. Often times, my paintings explore the interactions between bold and muted colors, other times creating a sense of depth through a variation of a monochromatic color selections.

IMG_2138.JPGWhat is the title of this piece: ‘Fire and Ice’

Why I love this piece: Depicting both warm and cool colors, I couldn’t help but think of the elements of fire and ice upon finishing this painting.

This piece reminds me of a sunset at a relaxed beach town resort. I would pair it with this particular rug since the rug has a coastal vibe and to me plays well off of the mood of the artwork.

611-6214f-aur000Interested in a full room design around this piece of art? Call our firm today at 512.358.7200 and we can make it happen!

To learn more about Dawn Winter, please visit her website via the link above. You can purchase her beautiful original paintings via the Austin Art Garage, and she also offers many of her works, including “Fire and Ice,” as prints in multiple sizes from Skyline Art Editions.

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