Art in Interior Design: Bryan Pudder

I met Bryan Pudder through my longtime realtor friend and business associate, Audrey Pudder. Bryan is a super creative person who was in the advertising arena for many years, having been responsible for a lot of the creative advertising for Southwest Airlines.

His first love, though, has always been his creative artwork. He loves to be inspired by the outdoors and will literally seek out a place where he feels inspired and then use natural objects in the area as his tools with which to paint. The results are always unique, and often times vibrant and contemporary pieces. Bryan is an all-around creative person who has vision to expand his work to interior products like shower curtains.


BryanPudderA brief biography: Bryan has loved art as far back as he can remember. In 1985, he graduated from Texas Tech with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and embarked on a career in advertising. For thirty years he was an art director and creative director, producing award-winning national ad campaigns for renowned brands. During this time, he never stopped making his own art: art created just for himself and a few others. Recently he returned full-time to his first love. Bryan’s studio and home are located just southwest of Austin, Tx. He can generally be found there, painting as much as humanly possible.


LBCA.Robin.BlogWhat is the title of this piece: ‘LBCA’ size 28″ x 32″

How was this piece created: acrylic / sand / seawater on canvas, applied with kelp, sand, driftwood and burnt campfire wood

Where was this piece created: Laguna Beach, California

Inspiration behind this piece: My paintings usually begin once I find a piece of open land. In this case it was a piece of open sand. “LBCA” was created on the California coast, near Laguna Beach. I found a level spot where I could spread out my canvas and let the ocean fuel my inspiration. I begin my paintings by venturing out with canvas and paint, but all my brushes are provided by the great outdoors. In this case I used seaweed, sand, charcoal from an abandoned campfire, as well as the ocean itself. Since you can’t predict what kind of mark natural debris will make, I usually paint in a constant state of suspense. “LBCA” is a special piece to me. It was the first time I had created a painting “in public”. It was exhilarating. I worked on a hidden little beach, yet curious people ultimately wandered over. A few even came back to bring me things they had found. I have created these nature paintings for years, from Chile to Canada, and each one is a unique, wonderful experience. What inspires these works is a yearning to connect with nature; to be surrounded by its gentle beauty. I feel like nature is the true artist of my paintings.

Coronado+ArmchairI have always loved using nature in interiors and on table top designs. I guess this is why I fell in love with Bryan Pudder’s art. Bryan is known for creating art pieces with natural elements in his surroundings to make beautifully textured abstract pieces that pop in interiors.

I love the way the sling of this chair plays off of the yellow sling in the artwork. This chair just absolutely works with the piece. Now what to do with the rest of the room? Call our firm today at 512.358.7200 and let’s figure it out!

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